We bring the fuel to you so you never have
to spend time at the gas station again.

how it works

Fueling Wherever
You Are

Let us know where your car is parked and we'll come and fill it up while you're doing more important things.

Fueling On Your

We're open all hours of the day. Whether you're at work, at home or on the go we can meet you there.

Get An Emailed

Be notified every step of the way and get a detailed receipt emailed to you after the fill.

Benefits Of Our Service


Never fear about what may happen at the gas station


Refuel from the comfort of your home or office


We charge less per gallon than the average price in your area


Instafuel makes fleet fuel management easier. We offer our refueling services to fleets that park in one location for an extended period of time, as well as to larger fleets where the vehicles are taken home by the drivers. Wherever they are, we can fuel them.

Fuel Comes to You

Instafuel is your gas station replacement. We bring the fuel to your fleet, so your drivers never have to waste time at a gas station again.

Pick Your Hours

Set the refueling schedule you want. We accept all fuel cards to keep your existing infrastructure in tact.

Get Detailed Reports

We send weekly reports so you can track gas prices, consumption, mileage etc. Our customers see over 20% in fuel savings per month!

Driver Time Savings

Don't pay your drivers to spend time at the gas station. Paying your drivers to refuel can you cost you $15 or $1/gallon extra per fill

Eliminate All Abuse

By using a third party like Instafuel to refuel you can be rest assured that you aren't paying a cent more than you should be for fuel

Cheaper Gas Prices

We guarantee you below average fuel prices in your area so you never have to worry about the pump price

About Us

Our mission at Instafuel is to eliminate all trips to the gas station.

Whether you're an individual in need of your weekly fill-up or a company that needs it's fleet refueled periodically, Instafuel can take the pain out of managing your gas gauge. Let Instafuel be your gas station replacement.